Valspar Pipeclad® 2000 Fusion-Bonded Epoxy

From the moment a pipe is coated with our Pipeclad fusion-bonded-epoxy coating, and installed into a harsh environment, maximum corrosion protection is assured. The unique chemical characteristics of our coating are carefully engineered for optimum protection of pipes.

Pipeclad fusion-bonded-epoxy coating protects against underground soil stress, bacteria and fungus attacks, soil acids and alkalis—as well as the corrosive elements associated with underwater use, including saltwater, wastewater, petrochemicals, solvents and corrosive gases.

These coatings are designed for application on a wide variety of pipe sizes and wall thicknesses and can be utilized as the corrosion layer for single-, dual- and three-layer applications.

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Valspar Pipeclad® corrosion-protection products are the choice coating of major petroleum and gas producers around the world and have provided long-term protection for over 100,000 miles of pipelines, ranging in diameter from 2" to 48".

The unique chemical characteristics of our coatings are carefully engineered to provide superior adhesion to the substrate, which creates excellent cathodic-disbondment resistance in a wide range of environments.

The excellent physical properties of Valspar coatings minimize damage during transit, installation and operation and protect against all the corrosive elements associated with underground or underwater use.