Power & Utility

Valspar’s combination of powder, liquid and e-coat solutions provide market-leading performance for customers requiring strong corrosion and weathering protection. Valspar technologists work with you to understand your coating requirements and operational environment. The result is a customized, ready-to-spray solution that combines efficient application and long-term performance.

Meeting the Challenge: Dependable Coverage

Power and Utility equipment serve as critical energy sources around the clock, with no room for downtime.  Coatings provide a critical barrier for this equipment from corrosion and long term exposure to elements.  Valspar coatings are designed to be efficient during the equipment production and coating process, while also durable enough to last over the lifetime of the equipment.  Froe low cure temperature powder coatings to super durable urethane technology, Valspar coatings help ensure the flow of energy continues to move. 

The Right Technology for Every Project

Your machines work hard. So your coatings must work harder. That’s why we never stop working to bring you the latest ideas and technologies. We are a full-service solutions provider, with expertise in all chemistries, applications and combinations of coatings, so you always get the solution that meets your precise needs.


The unique advantages of powder coatings make them a popular choice for Power and Utility equipment. Valspar offers a full line of electrostatically sprayed powder technologies, each formulated to meet your specific needs. Our powder coatings offer the smooth finish and tough protection for equipment in a variety of operating environments. In addition, powder coatings solutions are gentle on the environment, generally emitting zero or near-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Valspar liquid coatings are used around the world to provide world class protection and finish. Choose from traditional, high-performance, solvent-based coatings or environmentally safer, low-VOC, water-based coatings. Whatever you choose, you can count on unmatched durability, superior batch-to-batch consistency and leading-edge appearance technology.

Leveraging Our expertise: Valspar’s Global Competencies

Coatings Formulation

Valspar technologists design, formulate and test materials to ensure coatings meet customers’ specific operational and performance needs. 

Application Engineering

We deliver global best practices to help optimize your operations, ensuring consistent performance on your lines around the world.

World-class Manufacturing

Whether we are manufacturing coatings or working on-site at your facility, our lean six sigma culture is focused on consistency, productivity and safety.

Expert Service at Every Step

The best products are only as good as the service that supports them. That’s why we’re proud to offer best-in-class service and technical expertise. Our global footprint means we’re there to help wherever and whenever you need assistance. We react quickly, responding to your immediate needs and concerns. But we’re also proactive, working side-by-side with you to drive continuous improvements in quality and value. From coatings to application to operations, we deliver end-to-end service designed to maximize the success of your business.