Valspar Builds on Powder Coatings Technology Expertise

Valde ECP and EFC offer superior protection for heavy machinery

Valspar's belief in continuous improvement is key in helping meet the evolving needs of our customers. After we develop and commercialize a product, we continue to look for ways to make it better. This includes improvements in protection, appearance, durability, sustainability, efficiency and cost. That's the case with two new powder coating platforms developed for the heavy machinery industry: Valde ECP (edge coverage powder) and EFC (extreme flex cure).

On January 28-29, Dr. Jochem Effing, who leads Valspar R&D for EMEAI, presented on Valde ECP at the Powder Symposium in Dresden, Germany. He gave an overview of the coating in front of conference attendees, explaining the development, properties, application and benefits of this innovative, solvent-free technology. The main benefits are:

1)  Provides superior edge corrosion protection. On heavy machinery, the edges are the first to rust and corrode, due in part to an application process that often fails to provide adequate coverage. The technology behind Valde ECP and its unique application provide superior coverage, preventing rust which saves contractors money, keeps machinery looking nice longer and helps with resale value.

2)  Saves time and energy. Valde ECP is a two-coat system that enables manufacturers to apply two coats with only one curing stage. After the primer coat is sprayed and leveled, the surface coating is applied, effectively eliminating two steps compared with a traditional coating application. Curing and leveling occur at lower temperatures, which reduces energy use.

3)  Attractive appearance. Typical solvent-free powder coatings are less decorative than solvent-based coatings. However, Valde ECP provides exceptional leveling performance with a high-gloss look and strong "hiding power."

"Valde ECP is the market leader in delivering a solvent-free heavy machinery coating that offers strong edge corrosion protection, intercoat adhesion, application properties, and energy and cost savings," Jochem said. "Our customers are impressed with its performance, which is translating into more sales. It's another example of how Valspar ingenuity is really paying off."