Valspar Features Key Technologies at PaintExpo 2016

Attendees learn about Valspar's broad range of coating solutions

The Valspar team highlighted the company's coatings expertise and experience at PaintExpo 2016, April 19-22, in Karhlsruhe, Germany. PaintExpo is an international industrial coatings event that takes place every two years in Germany. It is the largest paint and coatings trade show in Europe, attracting 480 exhibitors from 26 countries. The exhibition covers the entire range of industrial coatings — liquid, powder and e-coat, from pre-treatment and applications systems to quality control instruments.

Valspar featured key technologies throughout the exhibit space — chairs, panels and cylinders applied with colorful polyester coatings showed the varied effects of powder coating solutions. Our exhibit also featured a Ducati Diavel motorbike on a pedestal to demonstrate to visitors the ultimate application of our products on a globally recognized brand.

"Valspar is uniquely positioned as a leading coatings provider because we offer the broadest range of coating solutions in Europe with solventborne, waterborne, high solid, e-coat and powder," said Andrea Rosa, vice president General Industrial EMEAI. "This enables our customers to rely on one coating provider to help them get the best total coating cost solution. Valspar invests heavily in research and development to meet new rules and regulations for better environmental protection, and to be sure we meet customer demands for improved coating performance."

"This commitment has resulted in a new generation of low-VOC coatings, proprietary materials and technology platforms that address each customer industrial segment and facilitate the switch from one technology to another with the same company," he added.