Valspar Helps Trailer Manufacturer Reduce Emissions

New low-VOC underbody coating saves the day at Great Dane

Great Dane Trailers was facing a big problem: They had to reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and they had to do it fast. The company's main trailer manufacturing plant in Kewanee, Illinois, was facing fines from the Environmental Protection Agency for exceeding VOC limits resulting from extremely high production volume -- so they turned to Valspar for help.

Great Dane uses Valflex®, a liquid solvent-based underbody coating known for its durability and protective qualities. Coincidentally, the Valspar lab was already in the process of developing the next-generation Valflex product to both improve performance and lower VOCs. So, the timing couldn't have been better. Valspar was able to reduce the VOC content from 2.8 pounds/gallon to just below 2.0 pounds/gallon, and deliver a supply to Great Dane for testing in just two weeks.

"Thanks to our enduring spirit of innovation, Valspar was able to respond quickly to Great Dane's request," said Brian Marzolino, market manager, Valspar Trailer & Componentry. "We delivered a product that not only greatly reduced the emissions rate, but also improved corrosion resistance. Valspar was able to satisfy the customer's request for a speedy solution, enhance product performance, and directly increase profitability by over 20%. I call that a win-win-win situation."

Chicago-based Great Dane Trailers is known for its history of developing innovative and durable transportation products. Today, it is transitioning all nine of its manufacturing plants throughout the U.S. to the new low-VOC Valflex underbody coating, the highest volume Valspar product used at Great Dane. It expects all of its plants to be converted within the next few months.