Valspar Shares Infrastructure Coating Expertise

Valspar Pipeclad® featured at Phoenix tradeshow

Over the past 50 years, Valspar has coated millions of square feet of pipe and rebar used for infrastructure — from bridge decks to building foundations — all over the world. We shared our pipe coating expertise and experience with hundreds of attendees February 14-17 during the Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Congress in Phoenix, Arizona.

Valspar was one of 100+ exhibitors showcasing technology and products to event participants. Our booth featured Valspar Protective Coatings fusion-bonded epoxy products, which are used as the corrosion protection layer for single-, dual- and three-layer applications on a wide variety of rebar and piling products (used in retaining walls).

"The show gave us a good opportunity to connect with customers and secure some promising leads," said Sandra Goebel, market manager, General Industrial Protective Coatings. "We spoke with several prospects in the water and sewer pipe market as well as the pilings coatings market. It was also good to connect with existing customers who are already using our pipe and rebar products."

Our coatings thrive in the most brutal environments. Above ground Valspar's Pipeclad fusion-bonded epoxy coating withstands constant bombardment from the elements. Below ground, it defies soil stress, bacteria, fungus, soil acids and alkilis. And in other extremes they resist saltwater, waste water, petrochemicals, solvents and corrosive gases.  

The conference was sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers. In addition to the tradeshow, participants were able to network and make connections with industry leaders, gain knowledge by attending technical sessions on cutting-edge research, and earn professional development hours.