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Greenbar Pre-Fab is a pre-formation coating that delivers high flexibility with no cracking during the fabrication process. Greenbar Pre-Fab achieves ASTM A775 specification.


  • High flexibility
  • No cracking during the fabrication process
  • Achieves ASTM A775 specification

Product Information:

Post-Fabrication Patch Kits

Greenbar Advantages

  • Proven technology: Superior coating mileage, consistently low holidays and minimized cobwebbing
  • Corrosion resistance: Industry-leading formulation of rugged coatings that provide optimum corrosion protection; proven barrier to de-icing salts water and chlorides; strong cathodic disbanding resistance
  • Increase productivity: Maximum flexibility for fabrication; designed for fast production line speeds, optimizing manufacturing rates
  • Dependable supply chain: Established product available on demand and qualified for use by a strong network of applicators
  • Extensive approvals: Approved for use in all 50 states in the U.S. and numerous geographies around the world
  • Sustainability: Zero-VOC emissions, efficient application and ability to reclaim powder all help meet global compliance requirements

Test Result Summary

Extensive certification testing has been done on Valspar Greenbar coatings. The summary chart below shows compliance to the ASTM A775 specification.

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Proven Application Expertise

With Valspar, you can count on expert application engineering to help ensure the success of your project. We use innovative line design to create manufacturing efficiencies while maintaining the highest performance standards. The result is less complexity and better use of your equipment, energy and materials.

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